FR Bulwark Coveralls

Our Bulwark Coveralls are specifically designed to afford the wearer with ideal flame protection in a variety of settings. They are excellent for use in the oilfield, utility centers, chemical labs, electrical operations, combustible dust sectors, and general fire control. Additionally, the 100% cotton construction gives these coveralls a soft, but durable quality which keeps the wearer in relative comfort throughout the workday. We assure quality as well as style when we supply. Our coveralls come in a variety of colors, including khaki, navy, orange, and royal blue to fit your company’s uniform requirements. Additionally, the concealed Nomex brass zipper gives the coveralls a clean, dressy look to keep the wearer looking fresh. The lay-flat color is the finishing touch on this stylish piece of gear. Further, the twin, midsection pockets and dual chest pockets allow the wearer ideal storage options for pens, small notebooks, vials, and a myriad of other job-related items.
Bulwark FR Deluxe 100% Cotton Contractor Coverall
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Bulwark FR Deluxe 100% Cotton Contractor Coverall

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    This is our top selling Flame Retardant Coverall. It’s comprised of 100% Flame-Resistant Cotton that can be traced from fiber to factory. The CED2 is where durability, safety, and value come together to form an excellent piece of protective clothing that will hold up to wear tests and safety standards. Excel FR Fabric makes for a soft to the touch feel and possesses excellent quality to will extend the longevity of this FR Clothing. This PPE is worn to protect against ignition in an arc flash...