Workrite manufactures clothing from Nomex, Nomex MHP, GlenGuard, as well as other flash fire and arc flash rated fabrics. They produce state of the art work shirts, pants, outerwear, coveralls & other PPE to protect industrial workers. This flame resistant clothing meets numerous ASTM, NFPA, & OSHA standards to ward off hazards that may occur in the petrochemical, combustible dust, utility, drilling & offshore sectors. stocks and distributes Workrite garments in-house and provides you with excellent service. Please inquire with any B2B discounts!

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Workrite 4.5 oz Nomex IIIA Industrial Navy Coverall
Price: $121.75
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 110NX45NB -

    Workrite came up with one of our best selling Nomex products, the 110NX45NB. The legs have roomy bottoms that leaves you ample room to fit over your work boots. Snap wrist closures allow you to adjust the coverall to your person so you can remain comfortable and safe. The heavy duty brass zipper isn't going to bust out on you quickly like cheap counterparts. This is an excellent coverall for petrochemical workers or people who may be exposed to electric arcs. We offer B2B discounts on all of...

    Workrite 4.5 oz Nomex IIIA Royal Blue Inudstrial Coverall
    Price: $121.75
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: 110NX45RB -

      Workrite manufactures the best Nomex clothing in the industry. Their products hold up well under stress and last a long time. The 110NX45RB coverall is well built and can shield you from flash or arc hazards that can harm or kill. This PPE features multiple pockets that can store random items. The elastic waist has some forgiveness which can be good for the holidays. Wide bottoms allow ample room for you work boots to come up comfortably. Buy your Workrite apparel from us!

      Workrite 6 oz. Nomex IIIA Womens Navy Industrial Coverall
      Price: $156.60
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: 1116NB - is proud to off women's Nomex from Workrite. Their clothing has a special fit that flatters ladies. This 111NX60NB coverall is made to last and withstand almost any abuse that is thrown at it. The PPE has many pockets that can be used to store personal and work items that are needed at a moment's notice. An elastic waist can be beneficial when moving around and lets you be resilient without holding you back! The coveralls are meant to protect without slowing you down. Grab a pair...