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Whether you need protection while operating on high lines, operating heavy machinery, or burning rods, Bulwark accessories have you covered. Their line of accessories include face masks, balaclavas, hard hat liners and universal snap-on hoods to keep you covered throughout your work day. If you work in the electrical, utility, gas or oil industries, protection is a requirement. Protecting yourself is easy when you choose Bulwark. Bulwark flame retardant garments are noted for their safety, comfort and durability. Their line of balaclavas offer full protection for the head and neck, along with adjustable face masks. Hard hat face masks protect the face while offering the best breath-ability properties on the market. Universal snap-on hoods offer protection up to HRC 4 and fit into several Bulwark jacket styles. Don't compromise your safety. Get the best protection possible.
Bulwark Flame Resistant Knit Balaclava - Natural Color

Bulwark Flame Resistant Knit Balaclava - Natural Color

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    Bulwark FR’s knitted Balaclava offers excellent head protection by using Dupont’s Nomex. This Balaclava has a Hazard Risk Category of 3. It has dual layer protection as well as an extended neck skirt to protect more of your upper extremities. The nomex is soft and comfortable, which can be important for 10+ hour days in cold weather.

    Bulwark Fire Retardant Navy Knit Balaclava with Face Mask

    Bulwark Flame Resistant Navy Knit Balaclava with Face Mask

    Price: $21.99
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    Bulwark Item #: HEB2NV -

      Bulwark Flame Retardant Garments are among the top of the industry with regards to comfort, safety, and durability. This FR Accessory boasts an Arc Rating of 8.1 calories/cm^2. The HMB2NV Balaclava with Face Mask is no different. It provides warmth, ruggedness, and a HRC 2 credentials. Only weighing 8.75 ounces it’s lightweight, durable, and soft to the touch. This PPE is suitable for home wash.

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      Bulwark FR Universal Snap On Hood - Brown Duck

      Price: $53.99
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