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Our fire resistant bulwark jackets are the solution to your worries about the cold weather, electrical fires, and oil-inspired flames. Made of 100% fire-resistant pure cotton, the jackets are extra soft yet very strong to satisfy your standards for protection against fires. As insulated wear, the bulwark jackets can block the elements of weather too while also preserving your body warmth as you go about your daily work even in the most extreme cold. Bulwark jackets are unique as they have taped brass zippers that can repel arc flashes or blasts. To protect your body against flames during fire outbreaks, the jacket’s collar, rib woven waist, and cuff have an integrated flame-resistant lining. The innovative men’s wear is outstanding owing to its twin slash pockets that provide enough PPE facility. On the left side of all our bulwark fabrics is the left side sleeve pocket for additional storage of personal or work accessories.

Bulwark Fire Resistant Navy Insulated Bomber Jacket
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Bulwark Flame Resistant Navy Insulated Bomber Jacket

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    Bulwark FR makes quality flame resistant garments and accessories and continues to push the envelope with cutting edge products. The JLR8 is no exception. This FR Bomber Jacket gives provides workers with HRC 4 protection against arc hazards. The FR Jacket is insulated and has multiple layers of FR Fabric to protect you from electric arcs or flash fires. A Nomex taped brass zipper is very durable and also has fr capabilities. Knit cuffs allow you to roll you sleeves up when you’re outside of...

    Bulwark Flame Retardant Navy Parka
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    Bulwark Flame Resistant Navy Parka

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    Bulwark Item #: JLP8NV -

      Bulwark FR’s JLP8NV Parka is a well-made article of FR Clothing that provides an extremely high level of FR Capability. The Hazard Risk Category 4 Parka offers protection for workers in high risk situations. In addition, the insulated 100% Cotton lined jacket is extremely warm and water repellant for cold, wet, and windy conditions. The Nomex Taped Brass Zipper is extremely durable and ready to be put to the test. Concealed Snaps protect your torso by fully covering the zipper with FR Fabric...

      Bulwark Mens Navy FR Team Jacket
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      Bulwark Men's Navy FR Team Jacket

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      Bulwark Item #: JET2NV -

        Bulwark FR constructs some of the finest FR Fabrics in the Industry. This JET2NV Team Jacket boasts an Arc Thermal Performance Value of 52.0 calories/cm^2. In addition, its Hazard Risk Category of 4 can hold up to substantial workplace arc flashes and blasts. The Nomex Taped Brass Zipper is ready for a vigorous work setting and still contains FR Capabilities. Rib Knit cuffs can be rolled up when not on the job site for greater breathability and venting in a non-work environment. Twin pockets...