Price Match Guarantee

We take pride in providing the best pricing and service with our products. If you find an authorized retailer with a product at a lower price than us, we will gladly match them.

Price Match: Terms and Conditions

  • The competitor’s item must be in stock and be the EXACT item on our website (size, brand, color, etc.)
  • Any Factory “second” or “used’ items are not acceptable, the item must be brand new with tags.
  • Closeouts and Clearance items will not be honored.
  • This is only applicable for online retailers.
  • We reserve the right to deny the price match at any time.
  • This is not to be used with competitor’s items for promotional pricing (this includes sale and promotional codes).
  • The competitor must be an authorized dealer in the United States. This excludes auctions, memberships, clubs, and private individuals.
  • Tax is not included in the calculation.

Please contact us at with the item number that you’re purchasing and a direct link to the item with a lower price. After confirming that the price is lower and the terms have been met, we will contact you to honor the lower price.