Flame-Resistant Bulwark Clothing

FR Outlet offers flame-resistant Bulwark clothing because they are an industry leader for having the largest in-stock inventory of fire- and arc flash-protective garments. Their vast selection of men's and women's jeans, pants, shirts, coveralls, jackets, and bibs is what sets them apart from others in the field. Bulwark's clothing has been tested with OSHA 1910.269, ANSI, NFPA & HRC 2 standards in mind.

On top of that, these clothes simply look and feel great. Even though their primary goal of flame-resistant Bulwark clothing is to protect you from a rogue fire, that doesn’t mean they skimp out on the functionality or design. That’s what makes them the best, so be sure to get your flame retardant apparel with us now!

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Bulwark Mens Deluxe Insulated FR Bib Overall
Price: $286.99
Availability: In Stock Dropship
Item #: BLC8NV -

    Bulwark FR produces some of the top FR Bib Overalls in the industry and is continuously working to make their products safer and tougher. These FR Bibs feature a three Nomex taped brass zippers that provide extra durability and safety due to having Nomex occupy them. Non-conductive snaps are essential especially when the possibility of an electrical arc looms. Reinforced Dual Knees are excellent when you’re tackling tough jobs on an offshore rig or petrochemical plant. The ankle to hip brass...

    Bulwark FR Deluxe 100% Cotton Contractor Coverall
    Price: $91.99
    Availability: In Stock Dropship
    Item #: CED2KH -

      This is our top selling Flame Retardant Coverall. It’s comprised of 100% Flame-Resistant Cotton that can be traced from fiber to factory. The CED2 is where durability, safety, and value come together to form an excellent piece of protective clothing that will hold up to wear tests and safety standards. Excel FR Fabric makes for a soft to the touch feel and possesses excellent quality to will extend the longevity of this FR Clothing. This PPE is worn to protect against ignition in an arc flash...

      Bulwark Flame Resistant Button-Front Work Shirt
      Price: $56.49
      Availability: In Stock Dropship
      Item #: SEW2NV -

        The Bulwark SEW2 Work Shirt is an excellent choice for people who want a comfortable and lightweight shirt. The 100% FR Cotton shirt is ready to get dirty on pad sites and hold up to whatever challenges it faces. Twin Chest Pockets are an ideal place to store workplace and personal items. The 7 Ounce FR Shirt comes equipped with a Pencil Stall. Button Closures on the Cuffs allow you to secure your arms and help prevent flames from going up your sleeves. This FR Shirt can be layered with other...

        Bulwark Fire Resistant 7 Ounce Dress Uniform Shirt
        Price: $69.99
        Availability: In Stock Dropship
        Item #: SLU2NV -

          Bulwark FR’s premier uniform work shirt is the SLU2. This is one of our most popular FR Work Shirts for good reason. It’s affordable, durable, and safe. In addition, this FR Garment is presentable in an after work setting. A HRC 2 rating ensures excellent protection in an electrical arc or flash hazard. The Ultrasoft Fabric ensures a gentle yet rugged feel that provides maximum comfort. Twin chest pockets provide an additional layer of arc protection on your chest because of additional FR...

          Bulwark Duck Unlined Mens Bib Overall
          Price: $156.99
          Availability: In Stock Dropship
          Item #: BLF8NV -

            Bulwark’s Unlined Bib overall is extremely rugged, safe, and durable. This FR Bib Overall boasts a Hazard Risk Category 2. The 88/12 blend enables this Flame Retardant Bib to repel water and other fluids while out on a jobsite. The Nomex taped brass zipper gives an extra element of a fire resistant fabric that has excellent inherent FR capabilities. The Bib Overall’s straps contain elastic so you can adjust the garment according to your size and shape. The Bib Buckle is non-conductive to help...

            Bulwark Mens Deluxe Insulated Coverall - Navy
            Price: $350.49
            Availability: In Stock
            Item #: CLC8NV -

              Bulwark FR’s Insulated Coveralls provide warmth, reliability, and safety for workers in the utility, combustible dust, petrochemical, and electrical industries. These Insulated coveralls are an excellent and safe choice for you and your crew. The Hazard Risk Category 4 and Arc Rating ATPV of 43.3 calories/cm^2 are among some of the highest safety marks of any coverall in production. The 88/12 blend provides a soft yet durable garment that will keep you warm and safe in the work environment....

              Bulwark Fire Retardant Navy Knit Balaclava with Face Mask
              Price: $22.99
              Availability: In Stock Dropship
              Item #: HEB2NV -

                Bulwark Flame Retardant Garments are among the top of the industry with regards to comfort, safety, and durability. This FR Accessory boasts an Arc Rating of 8.1 calories/cm^2. The HMB2NV Balaclava with Face Mask is no different. It provides warmth, ruggedness, and a HRC 2 credentials. Only weighing 8.75 ounces it’s lightweight, durable, and soft to the touch. This PPE is suitable for home wash.

                Bulwark Flame Resistant Knit Balaclava - Natural Color
                Price: $48.49
                Availability: In Stock
                Item #: HNB4NA -

                  Bulwark FR’s knitted Balaclava offers excellent head protection by using Dupont’s Nomex. This Balaclava has a Hazard Risk Category of 3. It has dual layer protection as well as an extended neck skirt to protect more of your upper extremities. The nomex is soft and comfortable, which can be important for 10+ hour days in cold weather.

                  Bulwark Mens Navy FR Team Jacket
                  Price: $160.49
                  Availability: In Stock
                  Item #: JET2NV -

                    Bulwark FR constructs some of the finest FR Fabrics in the Industry. This JET2NV Team Jacket boasts an Arc Thermal Performance Value of 52.0 calories/cm^2. In addition, its Hazard Risk Category of 4 can hold up to substantial workplace arc flashes and blasts. The Nomex Taped Brass Zipper is ready for a vigorous work setting and still contains FR Capabilities. Rib Knit cuffs can be rolled up when not on the job site for greater breathability and venting in a non-work environment. Twin pockets...

                    Bulwark Flame Retardant Navy Parka
                    Price: $263.99
                    Availability: In Stock
                    Item #: JLP8NV -

                      Bulwark FR’s JLP8NV Parka is a well-made article of FR Clothing that provides an extremely high level of FR Capability. The Hazard Risk Category 4 Parka offers protection for workers in high risk situations. In addition, the insulated 100% Cotton lined jacket is extremely warm and water repellant for cold, wet, and windy conditions. The Nomex Taped Brass Zipper is extremely durable and ready to be put to the test. Concealed Snaps protect your torso by fully covering the zipper with FR Fabric...