What Materials Should Your FR Pants Be Made Of?

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What Materials Should Your FR Pants Be Made Of?

Do you need fire-resistant (FR) pants but aren’t sure what to look for? We can help with our FR pants guide that explores the materials the protective pants should be made of and more!

Inherent vs. Treated FR Pant Materials

In the world of fire-retardant pants, there are two types of materials: inherently fire-resistant or chemically treated fire-retardant materials. FR pants should be made of synthetically engineered materials to offer flame and thermal protection or materials that have received chemical treatment to obtain FR qualities.

FR pants typically come in two styles—jeans or cotton pants. FR jeans are usually made from fire-resistant materials like Nomex, Kevlar, or Modacrylic. Cotton pants—although cotton is naturally fire-resistant, just not to the extent needed—are chemically treated. In most cases, the difference between the two is irrelevant to the wearer, and the decision comes down to fit, protection, and style for the individual.

What To Consider When Choosing FR Pants

If you need to purchase new FR pants, what are the critical things to look for and consider?


The first factor you need to confirm when purchasing FR pants, or any other FR clothing, is that it meets the compliance standards of protection. If you’re buying the pants for work, whether as an electrician, food process worker, industrial worker, or others, you must ensure it’s compliant with the safety standards regarding protective clothing.

There are many workplace safety standards regarding FR clothing, but some of the most common are the NFPA 2112 clothing standard for protection against industrial fire hazards, the NFPA 70E clothing protection standard against thermal hazards or electric arcs, and the ATSM F1506 standard performance specifications for FR clothing worn by workers exposed to flames and electric arcs. Often, clothing that meets one of these standards meets most of them but double-check the labels and information of the garments to ensure they comply with the standards your workplace follows.

Fit & Comfort

With any pants, whether you’re purchasing FR protective garments or casual jeans for everyday use, you want them to fit well. The fit of the FR pants isn’t just about comfort—it’s also integral to the protection and safety of the garments.

If the pants don’t fit right, they can’t offer the full protective coverage they should and may be more likely to rip or tear, exposing the wearer. And if they’re uncomfortable to wear, the pants can fatigue the individual and make them more prone to workplace mistakes—which is dangerous in settings with fire and electrical hazards.


Lastly, you always want FR pants that are durable and capable of taking a beating without losing their protective qualities. Durability is a major reason many workers prefer FR jeans, but many FR cotton pants are just as durable as jeans are.

For one, you want your pants to last so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of finding new ones, and you also don’t want the pants to rip or tear while on the job, which is embarrassing and dangerous.

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