What Kind of FR Gear Do Firefighters Wear?

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What Kind of FR Gear Do Firefighters Wear?

Firefighters must be adequately protected when operating in hazardous situations. Fires, lack of oxygen, and other dangers can put their lives at risk if they aren’t careful.

Firefighters should always wear industry-standard equipment to ensure their safety. But what kind of FR gear do firefighters wear?


To start, firefighters must always wear helmets to protect their heads against fire and falling objects. The elongated rear of the helmet is meant to keep hot water and embers from falling down the individual’s back.

Early iterations of the helmets were often made of leather or metal but have since been replaced with plastic and fiberglass models. Most firefighter helmets come with a chin strap that firefighters should secure to help the helmet stay in place. They may also have a visor to protect the face and eyes from smoke and debris.


Firefighters need protective clothing that covers their entire body to reduce exposure to heat and flames. FR clothing is manufactured through a specialized chemical process that improves the fabric’s resistance to high heat so it doesn’t melt into the wearer’s skin.

You can find many different types of FR clothing to meet your specific needs. You can purchase fire-resistant pants from certified retailers—as well as shirts, underwear, gloves, and boots—to maximize protection against the flames.

Respiratory Mask

Another essential piece of FR gear that firefighters often wear is a respiratory mask or hood. These items protect the lungs from smoke inhalation and allow firefighters to operate safely in environments filled with burning material and debris.

Connecting a face mask to an SCBA unit gives firefighters a steady oxygen supply. These pieces of equipment are resistant to catching fire, making them an essential apparatus for professional firefighters. Wildland firefighters often need something more lightweight.

Safety Is the Top Priority

Firefighters have an important job to do. They’re often the first responders in hazardous situations where they put their lives on the line.

By ensuring the kinds of FR gear firefighters wear are as safe as possible, firefighters can keep themselves from harm.

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