What Is UL-Listed Fire-Resistant Clothing?

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What Is UL-Listed Fire-Resistant Clothing?

Fire-resistant (FR) clothing gives workers an added layer of protection when they’re dealing with extremely hot or flammable materials. Gear must get certified through the correct channels to ensure it’s been safely tested against everyday hazards.

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is an established company that’s been in the product certification space for over a century. They’ve designed their products to improve safety for both workers and consumers. But what is UL-listed fire-resistant clothing?


Underwriter laboratories are well-known for providing certified cloth and other materials that workers can use safely in high-risk environments. The research branch of the company creates the safest possible textiles across industries.

While companies aren’t legally obligated to purchase UL-listed products, many see the brand as the gold standard in safety. Suppliers and manufacturers trust UL-listed textiles for their FR solutions because the company has an excellent reputation.


Many industrial workers require FR clothing and apparel to stay safe while on the job. UL-listed fire-resistant clothing comes in many different forms. The fabrics are also comfortable, color-fast, and stain-resistant, making them a great option even if your job doesn’t require them.

Pants, jackets, and gloves are just a few things that can contain UL textiles. Flame-resistant hoodies are perfect for worksites that are somewhat chilly but also pose a fire risk. Workers from all walks of life appreciate UL-listed FR clothing for its quality and integrity.


UL-listed fire-resistant clothing also covers many types of footwear. While protecting your torso, limbs, and face is essential, you should also cover your feet with certified FR materials. UL-listed footwear does more than just protect the feet from burns and molten materials.

FR footwear has specially designed soles to reduce slipping and improve grip. They help workers stay balanced while doing tasks, ensuring nearby hazards don’t injure them. They also provide proper arch support to keep workers’ feet comfortable and injury free.

Get the FR Clothing You Can Rely On

Employers and workers have many options when purchasing FR clothing. Those who want to be sure they’re getting quality material that’s been through a rigorous testing process turn to Underwriter Laboratories for their needs.

Knowing the benefits of UL-listed fire-resistant clothing makes it a no-brainer when deciding which company to go with. UL-listed fire-resistant clothing is top-notch, offering workers the best protection money can buy.

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