Used vs. New FR Clothing: Reasons You Should Always Buy New

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Used vs. New FR Clothing: Reasons You Should Always Buy New

When choosing flame-resistant (FR) clothing, individuals have a choice—brand-new garments or used clothing at a discount. Below, we’ll show you why it’s always advantageous for individuals to buy new FR clothing vs. used garments due to their reliability, longevity, and more.

Wear and Tear Can Cause FR Clothing To Lose Effectiveness

FR clothing is durable and can withstand harsh conditions, but it still has its limits. People typically wear FR garments in hazardous environments—whether that’s fighting fires, doing industrial work, or working in construction—which can cause it to take a beating over its lifespan.

If there are any rips or tears in the fabric of an FR garment, it’s no longer viable as protective clothing. It’s essential that FR clothing be whole and rip-free to protect the wearer’s skin, and even the slightest rip is a gap in that armor. It’s best to go with the guaranteed safety of new FR garments.

Used FR Clothing May Have Been Treated Incorrectly

Another factor that can cause used FR clothing to be unwearable is how the previous owner treated it. FR garments are not like other clothing items that you can throw in the wash and clean with the rest of your clothes. FR garments contain sensitive materials and chemicals that you must treat well to maintain their flame-resistant qualities.

With new FR clothing, you can be sure that the garment is completely effective and often comes with detailed cleaning instructions. With used FR clothing, there’s no guarantee that the previous owner treated the clothes properly, which makes some people uneasy about wearing them.


Never use chlorine bleach, starch, or fabric softener when cleaning FR garments—the chemicals can ruin the flame-resistant qualities of the clothing.

New FR Garments Offer Greater Long-Term Value

There are plenty of safety reasons why you should always buy new FR clothing instead of used items, but there are also cost-benefit reasons. As we discussed, you don’t wear FR clothing items in everyday situations—the conditions are tough and hard on the garments.

FR clothing has a shelf life like any other clothing, and after so many uses, its protective qualities wear down. With used FR clothing, you get hand-me-downs that could be on their last legs or even well past their effectiveness. While used clothing may be initially more affordable, the long-term value of getting FR garments you know are effective and can last much longer are worth the investment.

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