Is There a Difference Between UL Certified & UL Recognized?

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Is There a Difference Between UL Certified & UL Recognized?

Finding products certified by a recognizable organization can give consumers peace of mind when purchasing equipment. Underwriter Laboratories (UL) is an internationally recognized company dedicated to the highest safety standards.

UL’s approval process involves listing, certifying, and recognizing specific products. Knowing the difference between UL certified and UL recognized will ensure you get the items you need for your industry.


An essential thing to understand regarding UL’s testing process is that it involves different categories of product representation. For example, UL-listed products are simply those the organization has tested enough to be verified according to their requirements.

UL-listed products are components and equipment that can be considered stand-alone. Underwriter laboratories have worked with these items enough to consider them safe for regular use.


UL-certified products have gone through a comprehensive testing process, meaning they meet the standards and expectations of Underwriter Laboratories rather than the manufacturer’s specifications. These products meet higher standards than those that have been UL-listed.

When manufacturers submit samples of their products, Underwriter Laboratories decide which category they belong to and test them to see how well they hold up. The company will review use cases, safety problems, and performance metrics to get an idea of the overall quality of the product. Arc-rated and fire-resistant clothing is often subjected to the certification process.


UL recognition is generally applied to different parts or components used in other machinery. This process is intended to assure users that their machines meet a basic threshold for safe operation. Everything from development to installation is accounted for when considering recognition.

UL-recognized product standards are used internationally to ensure items are reasonably protected against problems such as fires and electric shocks. By looking at the underlying parts of machinery, Underwriter Laboratories can ensure all the protocols are in place for the finished product.

Maximize Safety at Your Worksite

Underwriter Laboratories is a well-known provider of essential safety services. For those who want to reduce potential hazards and get things done, ensuring products are certified or recognized can drastically improve safety standards.

There’s a big difference between items that have been UL certified and UL recognized. Knowing which is best for you will allow you to minimize hazards and focus on getting things done.

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