How Long Does Fire-Resistant Clothing Usually Last?

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How Long Does Fire-Resistant Clothing Usually Last?

Fire-resistant (FR) clothing is a standard requirement on most worksites. Since it’s treated with specialized chemicals, the fabric can reduce the dangers of fire, heat, and other heat-related hazards.

Unfortunately, FR-treated materials break down over time, leaving you exposed if they aren’t replaced. How long fire-resistant clothing usually lasts depends on the material and how you care for it.

Fabric Treatment

Fabric treated with fire retardants can last up to a year. Frequent washes will cause the FR properties to break down quickly. Most will wear out after about a year, meaning it’s time to get a new set.

Accessories that you don’t have to wash after every use last longer than a year. While some face masks and respirators are only designed for single use, you can use flame-retardant face coverings repeatedly until their protective coating has worn away.


The lifespan of FR clothing depends on the fabric. For example, cotton garments have a much shorter lifespan than those containing nylon. It’s essential to pay attention to the manufacturer’s care instructions to be sure your FR clothing lasts as long as possible.

Treatments can go a long way in improving the functionality of less durable fabrics, but it’s important to replace them occasionally. Using the same FR clothing for too long can risk your safety and physical well-being.

Wear and Tear

Manufacturers have recommendations for how long their FR-rated materials may last; still, workers should consider the state of their gear before starting work. Rips, tears, and holes can make clothing less suitable for extreme environments.

Accounting for the state of your FR gear is essential for your safety. Replace clothing that’s already been exposed to flames or extreme temperatures as soon as possible. Failing to do so can put you at risk of burns and other injuries.

High-Quality Gear Will Last a Long Time

FR gear plays an essential role in keeping workers safe on worksites. Getting the best quality products will ensure your clothing doesn’t wear out or need replacing too quickly. If you’re wondering how long fire-resistant clothing usually lasts, we can tell you that it depends on the treatment type, material, and how much you use it.

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