Can You Wear a Hat Underneath Your Hard Hat?

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Can You Wear a Hat Underneath Your Hard Hat?

Protective headgear is an absolute requirement on a work site, but sometimes you need something else to keep your head warm or shaded from the sun. But can you wear a hat underneath your hard hat? In this explainer, we’ll answer that question and break down OSHA regulations regarding the circumstances when you can and can’t wear additional headgear accessories with a protective hat.

OSHA Regulations Regarding Caps Underneath Hard Hats

When you’re layering fire-resistant clothing, there are some OSHA regulations to consider. Can you wear a hat underneath your hard hat? Yes, but it depends on the hat and your working conditions. OSHA allows workers to wear baseball hats or caps underneath a protective hat if it doesn’t interfere with the hard hat’s ability to protect your head.

Check that the manufacturer labels the protective hat compatible with caps first. But even if you see the label, it’s not 100 percent guaranteed that you can wear a cap. The hard hat must fit over the cap and still be worn correctly, facing the same way, with the chin strap fastened.

Can You Wear a Winter Hat or Hoodie Underneath Your Hard Hat?

What about other headgear accessories like beanies or hoodies? The same rules apply: if the manufacturer of the protective hat allows for them and it doesn’t interfere with correctly wearing the hard hat, OSHA has no regulations against them.

Flame-resistant headgear such as liners and caps are also allowed and even encouraged if the work site carries the possibility of burns to unprotected workers. If you’re concerned about exposure to intense heat or fire at a work site, inform your employer or union representative.

When You Have To Wear a Hard Hat

If you’re unsure when you must wear a protective hat, you should consult the OSHA governing regulations regarding hard hats. OSHA has two standards: one for general industry workers and one for construction, demolition, and renovation workers.

The general industry standard is that employees must wear protective hats if there’s a risk of falling objects or electrical shocks. Construction, demolition, and renovation workers must wear a hard hat if falling objects, electrical shock, or burns are possible at an industrial work site.

Hopefully, now you better understand the rules and regulations regarding hard hats on work sites and when you can and can’t wear hats, caps, or other headwear accessories underneath a protective hat. If you have any questions or want to learn more about flame-resistant accessories and headgear, consult with the experts at FR Outlet.

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