Why It’s a Bad Idea To Roll Up Sleeves on a FR Shirt

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Why It’s a Bad Idea To Roll Up Sleeves on a FR Shirt

Industrial settings pose many dangers to workers. Cuts, scrapes, fires, or chemical burns can cause injuries and prevent you from completing work. Protective clothing can help, but only if they wear it correctly at all times. Learn why it’s a bad idea to roll up the sleeves on an FR shirt.

Cuts and Scrapes

Laborers on industrial worksites must watch out for many hazards. Sharp objects, moving parts, and loose components can puncture the skin, causing scrapes and cuts if you’re not wearing the right gear. A fire-resistant shirt is durable and can reduce the chance of getting cuts and scrapes while working.

Unfortunately, you won’t get much protection if your sleeves are rolled up. Because your arms are exposed, they are most likely to sustain injuries while working. Wearing your FR shirt with the sleeves down will ensure your arms are safe from potential workplace hazards.

Exposure to Fire

There’s always a risk of combustion on worksites where you handle flammable materials. Employees that don’t wear safety gear are at great risk of injury from high heat and flames. If you roll up your FR shirt’s sleeves, your arms will be completely unprotected.

A wardrobe of long-sleeve FR shirts will keep you safe from workplace injuries and prevent burns. The material should cover as much of your body as possible to protect your skin from extreme temperatures.

Chemical Burns

Another reason to keep your FR shirt’s sleeves down is the potential for chemical burns. Your worksite may operate with dangerous substances that can cause irritation if they touch your skin. Leaving your arms exposed will only increase the chances that your skin will come into contact with dangerous chemicals.

FR clothing protects against most industrial chemicals. Keeping your sleeves down will prevent exposure to substances such as ammonia, sulfuric acid, or formaldehyde. When working with dangerous chemicals, you should always wear a long sleeve FR shirt, a respirator, gloves, and a face mask.

Ensure Your FR Clothing Offers Adequate Protection

While many types of clothing and PPE will ensure your safety on worksites, you must wear them properly for maximum protection. If you’re still unsure why it’s a bad idea to roll up the sleeves of an FR shirt, consider your personal safety and the need to protect exposed skin from hazards.

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