Why FR Sweatshirts Are a Safer Choice When It’s Cool Outside

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Why FR Sweatshirts Are a Safer Choice When It’s Cool Outside

Flame-resistant (FR) clothing is essential for keeping you safe when exposed to extreme heat. However, it also keeps you warm when exposed to cold temperatures outdoors.

Flame-resistant clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, so workers can insulate themselves against dangerous temperature fluctuations. Here’s why FR sweatshirts are a safer choice when it’s cold outside.

Maintain Your Core Temperature

Working outside in the cold can be dangerous if you’re not adequately protected. If your body’s core temperature suddenly drops, it can harm your heart and respiration. This core body heat loss can result in hypothermia or even death.

Regulating your body temperature when working in extreme temperatures is essential for your safety. FR sweatshirts are designed to maintain a healthy body temperature while minimizing the amount of restrictive material, making it easier for you to complete tasks without getting cold.

Prevent Exposure

Another common hazard you may face when working outdoors is skin exposure, which can result in damaged cells, frostbite, and loss of extremities in extreme cases. Your body starts to lose heat as soon as you enter a cold climate.

FR clothes give you maximum protection from the cold. With the addition of accessories such as hats, gloves, and neck warmers, you can limit your exposure and prevent long-term damage to your body.

Reduce Cold Stress

Cold stress is related to other symptoms, such as hypothermia and frostbite. It is a considerable risk to workers both indoors and outdoors. Cold stress occurs when a person is damp, tired, or improperly dressed for the temperature. It’s often the result of poor physical health coupled with too much activity in the cold.

Thermally-insulated clothing is the best way to prevent cold stress on the job. FR sweatshirts hold in body heat and maintain core temperature, allowing workers to complete tasks without risking their health.

Keep Yourself Safe in Cold Weather

When avoiding extreme weather isn’t practical, wearing something that can keep your body temperature steady is ideal. Cold weather, in particular, presents risks that you should avoid at all costs.

It’s true that FR sweatshirts are a safer choice when it’s cold outside, and taking the time to equip yourself properly is essential in any situation.

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