Tips for Storing Your Seasonal Fire-Resistant Clothing

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Tips for Storing Your Seasonal Fire-Resistant Clothing

Storing your seasonal fire-resistant (FR) clothing is essential for maintaining its quality and ensuring it remains in good condition all year round. Whether you are a construction worker, emergency response team member, or working professional, understanding storage techniques for FR gear can make a huge difference in its longevity. We'll share some tips for storing your seasonal fire-resistant clothing.

Clean Before Storing

Before packing up your fire-resistant clothing for the season, wash it according to manufacturer specifications. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners that can compromise the protective quality of the material. Instead, use a mild detergent and rinse the garments thoroughly. Rather than machine drying, consider hanging your clothing to let it air dry.

Store in Separate Containers

FR clothing is sensitive to temperature and moisture, so keep them in separate containers. This will allow you to monitor them individually throughout the year rather than sift through one bin.

Label Your Storage Containers

Label your boxes, indicating the type of clothing and dates when you last used them. This technique can help you locate your gear easily when you need them. It will also help you save space and stay organized.

Monitor the Environment

Suppose you're storing flame-resistant bibs. Exposure to sunlight or water can weaken the material, fade its color, and reduce its protective quality. Ensuring the storage space is cool and dry will help you avoid this damage. You can add silica gel packs to your storage containers or place a dehumidifier in the storage area.

Inspect for Damage

Before storing your fire-resistant clothing, inspect them thoroughly by checking for rips, stains, holes, or signs of wear. Repair damage before storing your garments to prevent further degradation. Mothballs, cedar blocks, and other pest deterrents will help keep them safe for the long term.

Ensure Your FR Clothing Is Ready When You Need It

Fire-resistant clothing is sensitive to temperature, moisture, and wear. These tips for storing your seasonal fire-resistant clothing will help you maintain their quality and prolong their lifespan. By following these tips, your fire-resistant clothing will be in good condition when you need it.

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