How Women's FR Clothes Differ From Men's

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How Women's FR Clothes Differ From Men's

No matter their gender, industrial workers must be appropriately equipped while operating on-site. Both men and women must wear adequate PPE to stay safe and comfortable throughout the day.

Wearing clothing that protects against fires, flames, and high heat is necessary in certain situations. Here's how women's FR clothes differ from men's.


One big area where men's and women's FR clothing differs is in the sizing. Men's clothing can be bulky on women, as the dimensions do not suit their body types. Finding the right size can be difficult, especially if the clothing isn't intended for women.

It's vital for FR clothing to fit properly to ensure it doesn't get caught in machinery or create unnecessary hazards. Luckily, FR garments come in the most common women's sizes, allowing female workers to stay safe while on the job.


Because male and female bodies have different proportions, it is essential to cut their clothing differently. For example, women's shirts are generally cut with more room in the chest to make them less restrictive.

Cutting FR clothing for women to feature narrower shoulders, slightly different arm shapes, and other essential alterations ensures a better fit while still providing all the necessary protective capabilities. The best ladies' FR clothing is designed to be snug but not too tight.


Various other features set women's FR clothing apart from men's. Traditionally, women's workwear features buttons and zippers on the opposite side of men’s clothing. While there's no real functional reason for this, it offers a visual cue that makes it easier to tell whether the clothing is designed for men or women.

Despite these fundamental differences, most women's FR clothing is identical to men's. It uses the same fabric and offers the same basic protection from fires and heat. However, small features such as buttons, zippers, and material color may differ.

The Best FR Clothes Fit Well and Keep You Safe

Whether worn by men or women, FR clothing must fit properly for maximum safety. Women should ensure they find apparel with the correct size and dimensions for their bodies. Other features should be considered as secondary.

Knowing how women's FR clothes differ from men's makes it easier to tell items apart and find something that works for you.

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