Why the Fit of Your FR Clothing Is Important

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Why the Fit of Your FR Clothing Is Important

FR clothing is an essential piece of equipment for many workers at potentially hazardous worksites. But it’s not enough to wear FR clothing; the garments must fit the individual correctly. In our guide, we’ll explain what FR clothing is and why your FR clothing fit is so important.

What Is FR Clothing?

Before we can get into the particulars of fit, what exactly is FR clothing? FR garments are fire-resistant or fire-retardant clothing designed to protect the wearer from exposure to extreme heat and combustion.

The garments contain specific materials that require more energy to ignite and have self-extinguishing properties once removed from the heat source. They’re not fireproof, as FR clothing will burn if exposed to high temperatures for too long, but it’s much more protective than typical garments.

Industries that require workers to wear FR clothing for their protection include:

  • Electricians
  • Utility line workers
  • Chemical plant workers
  • Oil and gas industry workers (refinery job sites)
  • Pharmaceutical plant workers

Flame-Resistant vs. Flame-Retardant

The FR in FR clothing can stand for flame-resistant or flame-retardant, but what’s the difference between these two designations? Although they’re similar in their utility and protection of the wearer, there’s a specific distinction between resistant and retardant garments.

Flame-resistant clothing contains specific materials inherently resistant to combustion and high temperatures. On the other hand, Flame-retardant clothing is a chemically treated garment that gives it flame-retardant properties.

The difference between the two is mostly irrelevant to the individual wearer outside of the proper maintenance and cleaning of the clothing.

Why Proper Fit Is Essential in FR Clothing

FR clothing is not a one-size-fits-all type of garment, and the fit of your FR clothing is critical in protecting you. If FR clothing is too loose, it can get caught in machinery on an industrial worksite, putting the wearer in danger.

If the FR clothing is too tight, it doesn’t leave enough of an air pocket between the garment and the skin, making the wearer more susceptible to burns. A quality fit is why women’s FR clothing is essential; since ill-fitting FR clothing is more dangerous than helpful, women workers need garments catered to their bodies.

Now you see why FR clothing on its own isn’t enough—it must also properly fit the individual. If you have any questions about FR clothing or accessories, consult with the experts at FR Outlet.

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