What Should Be Considered Before Buying Steel Toe Boots?

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What Should Be Considered Before Buying Steel Toe Boots?

Steel toe boots are one of the most important pieces of PPE that you will buy in your career. They not only protect your feet from falling debris, but they’ll do all of the things an average pair of boots do as well. That usually leaves people wondering what should be considered before buying steel toe boots, which is what we’re here to answer for you today.

Determine Which Type Will Best Suit You

There are two main types when it comes to safety toe boots: steel and composite. Steel is the much more popular choice, which is why these are commonly referred to as steel toe boots. They are also typically required by employers, since they’ve been around longer and are more well-trusted.

Composite, on the other hand, is much newer to the market. Despite being significantly lighter, they still meet all of the ANSI and ASTM safety regulations, which is why they’re the best choice if you’re allowed to wear them. However, no one will fault you for going with the old, reliable steel toe boots.

Get Multiple Pairs

Your boots are going to do more than protect your toes from heavy objects. They will need to keep your feet warm or cool, depending on the climate you work in. This is the main reason why people get multiple sets of boots. No one wants to deal with sweaty or cold feet while focusing on their work.

The other reason for this is due to the fact that the same pair of boots will put the same pressure points on your feet day after day. This can lead to additional discomfort or even pain in extreme cases. Switching shoes out every couple of days will keep this from happening as bad.

Complement Them With Other Foot Protections

Not everything on your feet will be a non-removable part of the boot. Most boots will have soles that you can easily replace if needed. It’s not always easy to know how well a sole will hold up, so being able to replace them with a pair that is more suited to you is vital for everyday use.

On top of that, you’ll want to wear a pair of socks that will complement your boots. For example, standard cotton ones will cause your feet to sweat no matter how breathable your shoes are. That’s why you should invest in a few pairs made out of polyester or synthetic blends. That way, they can wick away any accumulated moisture with ease, keeping your feet cooler.

Try Them on Right After Work

There’s one last thing that should be considered before buying steel toe boots. Many people don’t realize that their feet slowly swell up after spending the whole day on them. That means if they didn’t try their new steel toe boots on for the first time right after getting off, they wouldn’t be sure how well they’ll fit after a long day of hard work.

If you decide to get your safety toe work boots from us, then we’d recommend trying them on after you get home for the day. That way, if they aren’t quite right, you can send them right back to us with our no-hassle return policy. We don’t want you to find out they don’t fit correctly after using them for a while.

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