What PPE Should Electricians Wear?

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What PPE Should Electricians Wear?

As an electrician, there are potential workplace hazards that require preventative measures. An electrician runs the risk of falling, among other dangers such as electric shock or electrocution. Electricians must protect themselves while on the job, but what PPE should electricians wear? Our team put together a guide that maps out what an electrician should always wear, so keep reading to ensure your safety on the job.

Head Protection

Head protection is important to many industrial workers because head damage can be fatal. Should an employee fall on the job, a hard hat can minimize injury. Nonconductive hardhats also protect the head from electric shock or burns. If you’re looking to protect your entire head, consider purchasing an arc-rated hood. This option provides the head with protection from flames. Another option is a balaclava. A balaclava offers full head and neck protection. This option can cover the whole face, aside from the eyes. As such, don’t forget to wear goggles or protective glasses for added protection.

Hand Protection

Electricians work with their hands all day, so it is important to keep them safe. All electricians must wear hand protection, but not just any hand protection. Ordinary gloves won’t keep an individual safe while working with electricity. The best option for hand protection is rubber insulated gloves. Rubber gloves protect the individual from electric shock. Don’t forget to wear leather protectors, as well. Both the rubber insulated gloves and leather protectors must fit properly. If these items do not fit correctly, it will be difficult to complete your daily tasks. Leather protectors should always be worn with rubber insulated gloves to ensure the electrician’s safety.

Skin & Body Protection

Finally, all electricians should own skin or body protection. Arc flashes are one of many potential workplace hazards that an electrician must protect themselves from while on the job. Wearing flame retardant (FR) clothing is essential because it protects the body—it is the one way to ensure that what you’re wearing is keeping you safe. There are many options to choose from when buying FR clothing. If you’re an electrician that’s looking to stay safe and warm on the job, consider purchasing a fire-resistant jacket.

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