What Is a Garment’s Clo Value?

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What Is a Garment’s Clo Value?

Things become more of a challenge when it’s cold outside. You might notice your body feels more tense when you’re cold. It’s important to do anything you can to stay warm, especially if you work outside daily. Certain clothes are better than others when it comes to staying warm, but how do you determine which clothes are best? The best thing to do is to keep the garment’s clothing insulation (clo) value in mind. If you’re wondering, what a garment’s clo value is, let’s get into it.

What Is Clo Value?

The first question you probably have is: “What is a garment’s clo value?”. Clo value is essentially the amount of insulation one requires to maintain thermal equilibrium while at rest. Many factors contribute to how hot or cold someone feels, but clo value has a lot to do with it. When you’re nude, the clo value is 0.

Why Is It Important?

It’s important to know a garment’s clo value because it determines which clothing is necessary for you to keep warm. For anyone who works outside daily, knowing the clo value of a garment ensures their body stays warm throughout the day. If it’s cold outside, for example, you should look for a jacket with a high insulation rating. A flame-retardant jacket is ideal because it keeps the body warm and safe.

Fire-Resistant Clothing

Warmth and comfortability are important, but so is safety. If you’re an industrial worker, you already know the importance of fire-resistant (FR) clothing. OSHA put standards in place to protect industrial workers from potential workplace hazards. FR clothing protects the body from arc flashes and other potential hazards. FR clothing keeps you warm on the inside and safe on the outside by repelling blasts.

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