What Is Fire-Resistant Rain Gear Used For?

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What Is Fire-Resistant Rain Gear Used For?

Most people don’t think of rainwear when discussing fire-resistant clothing. However, this type of workwear is useful for many different industries.

In this guide, you will learn which industries use this type of clothing, why they use it, and what benefits they gain from using it. With this in mind, here is your answer to the question of “What is fire-resistant rain gear used for?”

It Protects Workers From Weather and Workplace Hazards

Depending on the industry that you work in, you might have to deal with various workplace hazards on a regular basis. Fire-resistant rain gear ensures that not only will you be protected from flash fires and electric shocks, but also from the weather. In addition, the bright neon colors of this type of rainwear help to increase visibility for you when it’s foggy.

It Comes From Different Types of Fabrics

This type of rainwear gets rated for its intended purposes, such as protecting against an electric arc or a flash fire. Depending on this rating, manufacturers will use separate materials to make the clothes.

For fire-resistant rain gear, these materials must be both waterproof and non-breathable. Some examples of the materials used in these clothes are polychloroprene (PVC) and nylon substrate.

Industries That Use Fire-Resistant Rain Gear

There are numerous applications for this type of clothing, which is why many industries require workers to wear it on the job. A few of the primary industries that use this gear are oil, gas, and the electric utility industry.

Electricians who are working on a power grid will most likely be exposed to inclement weather when working outdoors, which is why fire-resistant rain gear is an essential component of their uniform. Not only do they need protection from electric arcs, but from wind, rain, and possibly lightning. This is also true for oil and gas workers because they will spend plenty of time in environments with lots of moisture and a higher probability of a gas fire.

Overall, rain alone won’t be able to put out a workplace fire, which is why wearing fire-resistant rain gear is critical for safety. Now that you know why it’s useful, you won’t have to ask, “What is fire-resistant rain gear used for?” ever again.

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