Top 3 Dangerous Jobs That Require FR Clothes

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Top 3 Dangerous Jobs That Require FR Clothes

Some jobs can be risky for workers. Limiting the number of hazards employees face can help, but eliminating them is impossible. Employees must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to stay safe. Here are the top three jobs that require fire-resistant clothes.


Our lives are powered by electricity. The people who help to deliver electricity to our homes put themselves at risk to install, fix, and maintain essential equipment. Wearing PPE for electricity-related hazards can protect workers from arc flashes and electric shock.

Most electricians wear face masks, gloves, and arc-rated clothing to protect their skin from burns. Non-conductive glasses and goggles are also common. Additionally, insulation with fiberglass or resin can save a worker’s life if they are exposed to bare wires or high-voltage currents.

Construction Workers

Construction workers must wear FR clothing, no matter what job they’re tasked with. The risk of fires breaking out is even more significant when flammable materials are present on a work site. Additionally, workers should be well-versed in basic safety and emergency procedures.

A reliable pair of FR jeans, a jacket, and gloves are essential for construction workers. FR clothing can keep workers warm in cold weather. By dressing in layers, employees can stay comfortable while maintaining adequate protection from fires and other hazards.

Oil and Gas Refiners

Workers in the oil and gas industry should be aware of the possibility of fires breaking out. The presence of combustible materials and vapors only increases the risk to these workers. Keeping the workplace clean can reduce the risks of accidents, but workers should still wear fire-resistant clothing.

Site managers must make respirators, gas masks, and insulated blankets readily available. Additionally, they should keep ignition sources away from flammable materials and substances to ensure they don’t catch fire. Finally, they must immediately replace materials saturated with oil and other chemicals.

Workers Must Be Prepared for Anything

Working as an electrician, construction worker, or an oil or gas refiner can be especially dangerous. You must learn the risks and equip yourself if you work in one of these industries.

These top three jobs that require FR clothes are no joke. Ensuring you have properly rated equipment that fits well will significantly reduce workplace risks and keep you safe.

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