The Limits of Protection Provided by Fire-Resistant Clothing

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The Limits of Protection Provided by Fire-Resistant Clothing

Even though the list of things that FR clothing can do for the people who use it is quite astounding, these items are not faultless pieces of equipment. That’s why we will go into greater detail on the limits of protection provided by fire-resistant clothing. We don’t want there to be any surprises for users if they ever find themselves in a fiery situation.

They’re Not Fireproof

A common misconception with FR clothing is that they’re fireproof. Unfortunately, they only resist fire. So, if you get caught in a blaze while wearing them, you still might get burned. However, what these items do offer is the ability to self-extinguish and not melt to your skin. The worst part about fire is that it’s unrelenting and gets worse before it gets better. Fire-resistant clothing reverses that process and naturally puts the flames out before they get worse.

It’s an All-or-Nothing Set of Gear

Because of the way FR items work, they are only effective if all of your clothes are fire-resistant. That means you can’t layer up if it’s cold where you work. If you do, you need to use other pieces of FR clothing for your layers. If you don’t, you’ll get just as severely burned as you would with no FR clothing on at all.

Fortunately, we sell FR insulated bibs and coveralls that will help keep you warm and protected without needing a bunch of additional layers of fire-resistant clothing. Be sure to check out what we have in stock if that’s something you think you’ll need this winter.

They Can’t Protect You From All Fire-Related Disasters

Even though we wish they could, one of the most significant limits of protection provided by fire-resistant clothing is that they can’t protect you from all fire-related disasters, explosions being the biggest one. Sure, if you’re at the tail end of an explosion, FR apparel might be able to help save you. However, if you’re any closer, they wouldn’t be able to do a thing.

In a majority of industrial professions, this won’t be an issue. If, for some reason, your job will put you around explosions regularly, you will likely be given some stronger gear. Unfortunately, freak accidents happen, and in the event that you are too close to something that blows up, the FR clothing won’t be of any help.

FR clothing also doesn’t stop most forms of chemical burns. This is because they are only made to resist flames and arc flashes. Anything else that can burn you will most likely not get stopped by any level of FR clothing.

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