Should You Rent or Purchase FR Clothing?

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Should You Rent or Purchase FR Clothing?

Workers who require fire-resistant (FR) clothing can buy those garments outright or rent them temporarily. Should you rent or purchase FR clothing? We outline what you should consider when deciding and the benefits of both in our guide!

What To Consider When Deciding Between Buying or Renting FR Clothing

When deciding between renting and buying, there are many factors to consider. But the two big questions you should ask yourself are how long you’ll need the fire-resistant clothing and whether you can safely and correctly clean the garments at home.

How Long Will I Need FR Clothing?

Whether you should rent or buy something will primarily come down to its use. Do you work at a job that requires FR clothing, and do you plan to stay there for the long term?

If so, buying will likely make more sense as an investment. Most companies that require their employees to wear FR clothing either buy the garments for them or reimburse the employees. However, if you only need the FR clothing temporarily, you should probably rent. For example, you might have a short-term contractor job that necessitates it.

Can I Wash the FR Clothing Correctly Myself?

FR clothing is unlike the average shirts and pants we wear every day. It requires special conditions to clean adequately and safely. Introducing soap and water to the potential chemicals and contaminants that may linger or stain FR clothing could be hazardous to your household.

Ensure that you can adequately maintain FR clothing before buying it. If not, you should probably rent instead to save yourself the cost of purchasing the needed supplies—at least at first.

Benefits of Buying FR Clothing

Purchasing FR clothing has its benefits. Chiefly, these advantages manifest if you need to use it every day at work and plan on working at the same job for years. Instead of paying a monthly expense to rent new clothes, you invest upfront and can save money in the long term.

Plus, if the occasion comes where you don’t require FR garments anymore, you can always sell them to an FR clothing store or online yourself.

Benefits of Renting FR Clothing

The obvious benefit of renting fire-resistant clothing instead of buying it is its upfront cost. If you’re unsure about your future need for FR clothing, you may hesitate to make such a sizable investment immediately.

Renting enables you to opt out whenever you don’t need the FR clothing without having to sell it again. Plus, renting means that you don’t have to wash the garments yourself, saving you from the hassle and cost.

Whether you should rent or purchase FR clothing comes down to your specific needs. Both options have their benefits, so the choice is yours!

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