Mistakes People Make When Wearing FR Clothing

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Mistakes People Make When Wearing FR Clothing

FR clothing, otherwise known as flame-resistant clothing, is extremely important. FR clothing protects an individual from a flame or arc flash because it self-extinguishes. This allows individuals to safely work in potentially hazardous situations. To remain protected, individuals must properly wear the clothing. We put together a guide that explains the mistakes people make when wearing FR clothing, so read on to avoid these errors.

Rolling up Sleeves

Even though this type of clothing is protective, there are various mistakes people make when wearing FR clothing. Understandably, an individual might get warm while they work, but it’s important to resist the urge to roll up the sleeves. If the skin is exposed, there is no longer a barrier for protection. Should an accident occur, this individual could become severely harmed. Do not roll up the sleeves on an FR shirt; rather, invest in a lightweight or moisture-wicking fabric that’s flame resistant. This way, the individual will have protection and feel comfortable.

Failure To Tuck or Button

Another mistake people make when wearing FR clothing is the failure to tuck or button the shirt. This sounds like a minor error, but it could lead to severe injury. Failure to tuck in the tail of a shirt is dangerous because the flame could travel under the shirt. Like rolling up the sleeves on a shirt, this error leaves the skin exposed. To protect the individual, it’s important to cover the skin. Failure to button up a shirt all the way presents the same concern. It’s important to keep the skin covered by FR clothing, so make sure to tuck in and button up shirts.

Wearing It With Non-FR Clothing

If an individual wears clothing that isn’t flame resistant, they’re at risk of injury. A non-FR layer can ignite or burn, so all layers must be flame resistant. Keep this in mind with undershirts and outwear. The layers worn should all be flame resistant to ensure the safety of that individual. When it’s cold out, opt for flame-resistant outerwear. This is the best option because it’s warm and protective.

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