Jobs That Require Fire-Resistant Clothes

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Jobs That Require Fire-Resistant Clothes

Whenever people see fireproof clothing, they usually assume right away that the clothes are for firefighters—which couldn’t be further from the truth. Quite a few industries other than firefighting require employees to wear fire-resistant materials. Firefighters usually don’t even make the list because their uniforms are provided by their station. Because of this misconception, we’ve decided to make out own list of jobs that require fire-resistant clothing.


The top spot in our list goes to electricians since they are probably the most common type of worker that uses fire-resistant clothing after firefighters. They’re constantly dealing with live wires that can cause electrical burns if they come into contact with their skin. Electricians are also known for using welding equipment for certain tasks. It’s not uncommon for an electrician to be called in if there is an electrical fire. The fact that they usually work alone gives them all the more reason to protect themselves from getting burned.

Plant Workers

Whether the plant deals with pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or paper, the workers need to protect themselves from possible fire damage. Pharmaceutical plants, in particular, are well known for having flash fires occur. Chemical plants, on the other hand, regularly have chemical fires break out due to all of the chemicals that can spill out from containers. Paper plants have to worry about combustible dust floating around. If any of that catches fire, it could spell disaster for the employees who aren’t well protected—hence why they must be.

Oil and Gas Industry Workers

This job that requires fire-resistant clothing feels obvious due to the fact that oil and gas are highly combustible. Products that the employees of the oil and gas industries work with could catch fire at any time, and once they do, the fire will quickly spread. On top of that, the chemicals and fumes will undoubtedly get on their clothes, so having fireproof clothing will help keep them from getting engulfed in flames.

Mine Workers

People tend to forget that miners should also wear fire-resistant clothing (depending on what is getting mined). Flash fires are a common occurrence in mines, especially when explosives get used. Depending on how well the wiring was done for the lighting system, an electrical fire could break out, too. Since there aren’t many escape options in a mine, it’s absolutely crucial to be protected from the possibility of a fire.

If you or someone you know works in one of these industries, you should look into getting fireproof clothing for yourself or them. At the very least, take a look at our selection of fire-resistant jackets. Even if you only protect that top half of your body, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor while on the job.

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