How To Reduce Your Risk of Workplace Electrocution

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Industrial works face many hazards while on the job. It’s important that employees protect themselves while working since the results of these hazards can be fatal. We explain how to reduce your risk of workplace electrocution, so read on to learn more.


Most employees have many responsibilities and tasks to complete throughout the day. Since many tools are utilized to complete these tasks, it’s important that the tools are in good condition. Employees should inspect their tools prior to use to ensure they’re in good condition. It’s also important to check any extension cords for abrasions. If there are visible signs of damage, discard the cords. Make sure to disconnect plugs prior to repairing tools to further avoid injury.


When discussing how to reduce your risk of workplace electrocution, education is the most important aspect. All employees must have the proper education before working on a job. Even experienced individuals must go through the proper training. It’s also a smart idea to offer training every few years as a refresher. If the facility gets new equipment, every employee should receive training on it. Employees should also be educated on the cause and effects of electrocution. If there’s a specific issue with the facility’s electricity, seek the assistance of a licensed electrician.


Lastly, it’s important to understand all the standards set in place. Each industry is different, but all industries have safety standards in place to protect employees. For example, many industries have the NFPA 70E standards in place. This standard requires employees to wear personal protective equipment while on the job. One form of personal protective equipment is flame-resistant clothing. Wearing flame- resistant clothing can help keep employees safe while on the job.

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