How Do Flame-resistant Fabrics Work?

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For those who face life threatening situations in their line of work or everyday life, they’re well aware of all the safety precautions that must be made for themselves and others. Something as simple as the clothing you wear can put you in danger. Luckily, flame-resistant clothes have been developed to safeguard you from various circumstances. However, you might see flame-resistant clothing as a gimmick since so many materials fall victim to the heat. So, how do flame-resistant fabrics work? keeping reading for the answer below.

Benefits of FR Fabrics

The benefits of wearing flame-resistant fabrics is an obvious one that could end up saving your life if you are constantly working in threatening environments due to your profession. However, the advantages of flame-resistant fabrics don’t stop there. Sporting flame-resistant fabrics doesn't mean you have to dress up as a firefighter either. When you shop at FR Outlet, you can find a plethora of flame-resistant clothing not only comfortable to wear, but also styles tailored to everyday functionality, so you can be safe more often.

Methods for Removing A Fire

Before we go into the question of, “how do flame resistance fabrics work?” it’s a good idea to understand the different strategies used to remove a fire in the first place. There are various different classes of fires out there ranging from A to C and causes by different sources, which means there are different ways you approach it. Generally, there are three ways you can put out a fire. This is known as the fire triangle and it involves removing the heat, removing the oxygen, or removing the fuel. It’s vital that you have knowledge of how to put out a fire; wearing flame-resistant fabrics can help you do so.

It’s important to note flame-resistant fabrics will not make you invincible from the dangers of heat, but it’s a smart move to make if you’re someone vulnerable to health problems. Understanding how to remove a fire in the is the ultimate form of protection and preparedness you should take with you as you sport flame-resistant clothing.

The Different Flame-Resistant Fabrics

To understand how flame resistance fabrics work, you need to know it works in different ways. There are a multitude of different fabric types out there. Certain fabrics out there have been tested, which has led to the discovery of them resisting the flames. Here are the most common flame-resistant fabrics out there in addition to how they keep you protected from the fire in the first place.

  • Aramids: These materials aid in flame resistance because of the properties in the fabric that make it resistant to heat, organized solvents, chemical oils, and high tensile strength.
  • Nylon: This fabric is resistant heat and flames because it has high melting points, which means it can service high temperatures. Nylon is also known to be a very durable piece of fabric thanks to the molecular structure that gives it high tensile strength.
  • Nomex: Flame-resistant clothing could also be made from Nomex material. Nomex belongs to the meta-aramid family of fabrics that also allows it to work against the intensity of the flame. However, aramids and nylon still remain the top choices for flame resistance.
  • Kevlar: Kevlar is a well-known piece of material commonly associated with bullet proof vests. What people don’t realize is Kevlar is also a common choice for protection against heat. A great benefit to wearing Kevlar is it also allows for more mobility since there’s not a ton of added padding and weight to hold you down.
  • Modacrylic: This fabric falls in the copolymer category, which makes is also an indicator it can go up against thermal induction. Additionally, clothing outfitted with modacrylic is also durable and comfortable to wear.
  • PBI Fibers: Polybenzimidazole is better known as PBI fibers for short. PBI fibers also manage to overcome thermal exposure you may come across and aid you in reaching the melting point.
  • FR Cotton: A common misconception is that cotton is inflammable, but this isn’t the case. We all enjoy a comfortable cotton shirt, but because safety is a top priority, you might be deterred from the fabric. However, if other materials are intertwined, it can make it flame-resistant. Looking into the properties of the cotton is the best way you can be sure.

The answer to how clothes can be flame-resistant all starts with the different materials that have been tested against the heat and then incorporated into the apparel itself. Making sure you look for this is the key to finding the perfect flame-resistant clothing for you and others. Having a basic understanding of the ways to put out fires, in addition to the fabric’s tests for flame resistance, can do go a long way in protecting you against harm.

What to Look for in FR Clothing

As mentioned previously, investigating the material that makes up the flame-resistant material should be the top factor to consider. However, there are also other characteristics of the clothing you should also keep in mind. You will also want flame-resistant clothing appropriate to its application (work and casual wear.) Comfort is also a huge factor since you might be wearing it for many hours in a day.

Best Place to Fine FR Clothing

Now you’re aware of what goes into flame-resistant clothing and what you should keep in mind when you shop, you also want to know where! This is where FR Outlet is here to help you find the clothing designed to protect. At FR Outlet, you can find a wide assortment of apparel from well-known brands like Carhartt, Bulwark, Lapco, and others. While FR Outlet might be the ultimate FR clothing store, we also have even more to offer for protection with products from safety boots to various accessories.

How Do Flame-resistant Fabrics Work?\
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