5 Scenarios Where Fire-Resistant Pants Can Prevent Injury

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5 Scenarios Where Fire-Resistant Pants Can Prevent Injury

When most people think of fire-resistant clothing, they tend to think of shirts or jackets. What they fail to realize is that pants are way more crucial for protecting people from burns. Most fires are lower on the ground, which means that people’s legs are in more danger in many circumstances.

Those who are in a field in which they need this protection probably have fire-resistant tops and bottoms. But for those new to an industry that benefits from flame-resistant (FR) clothing, this is a good thing to know. That’s why we’ll take the time to go over five scenarios where fire-resistant pants can prevent injury.

Electrical Burns

We’ll start with the one that FR pants are the least equipped to handle. While clothing with fire-resistant properties can protect its users very well from a range of things, they usually can’t block electrical currents, especially if they’re wet. Even though they won’t necessarily guard you against shocks, they will reduce the number of burns you might receive if your pants would otherwise catch on fire due to electricity.

Arc Flashes

These are much more dangerous than a standard electrical burn. Arc flashes occur when an electrical source throws out a high amount of energy, which is very hot and dangerous for your skin. If you work in an area that has the possibility of arc flashes, you will want to make sure your pants have a higher arc rating than average.

Hot Metals

While it might take a while for a hot piece of metal to cause your pants to catch on fire without you noticing, it’s still possible to receive burns from it. Since it can be difficult to tell how hot something is, especially if it’s down by your feet, having FR pants will keep you from getting burned if you happen to come into contact with heated metal.

Actual Fire

Here’s the most obvious scenario where fire-resistant pants can prevent injury—a real fire. In certain professions, a fire can break out at any time, whether it’s due to negligence or circumstance. Since fires usually start low and move upwards, protecting the lower half of your body is vital for scenarios where you don’t notice the flames right away.


While they’re also dangers that FR pants can block against, explosions are way less common than other hazards. There aren’t many industries where they happen regularly. But if one were to occur underneath you, you’d want to make sure you were as protected as possible. You’ll probably still sustain injuries, but they won’t be as bad when you have FR legwear.

Which Kind of Pants Should You Get?

Understandably, all types of FR pants do the same job. So, your choice really comes down to preference. However, if you prefer a more casual look, we recommend that you check out our selection of flame-resistant jeans. They’re super durable and get the job done when it comes to protecting you from burns.

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