4 Common Pieces of Wildland FR Firefighter Equipment

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4 Common Pieces of Wildland FR Firefighter Equipment

Fighting fires is arduous work that puts firefighters at constant risk of injury and asphyxiation. Wildland firefighters have specific dangers they must contend with, requiring specialized equipment. Here are common pieces of wildland FR firefighter equipment that people in the field should always have.

Pants and Shirt

Pants and a shirt are the most basic FR gear wildland firefighters should have. Crews must often enter remote areas and work for long periods. Protecting your extremities from brush, temperature fluctuations, and fire is essential while operating in hard-to-reach locations.

A pair of FR pants and a shirt will provide an added layer of insulation, reducing the exposure your arms and legs receive from open flames. FR clothing also helps block heat and smoke, making it easier for workers to get to safety in case of an emergency.

Boots and Gloves

Workers’ hands and feet should always be protected. Sharp or heavy objects can cause injury if you aren’t careful. A reliable pair of FR boots and gloves will allow you to perform more demanding tasks without suffering cuts, bruises, or smashed fingers and toes.

Boots and gloves will help you stay warm in the winter and dry in the summer. Finding a set that’s also flame-resistant will make it easier to operate in dangerous areas without putting yourself at risk. Wildland FR gloves are lightweight, so you can continue to use essential equipment while wearing them.


Wildland firefighters also need to ensure they have a protective helmet to prevent head trauma. Electrical sparks, falling debris, and other hazards are common while operating in the field. A reliable FR helmet will help protect the head from blunt impacts and electrocution.

Wildland helmets protect firefighters’ entire faces and necks, reducing the dangers of hot embers and flames. They come in full brim, cap style, and many other forms to suit the needs of workers.

Bib Overalls

In some situations, wildland firefighters may need more comprehensive protection. FR bib overalls give workers a versatile option that maintains their range of motion while protecting the lower and upper body from extreme heat and flames.

Bib overalls are wearable over regular clothing. They work great when it’s cold out, providing an added layer of warmth against the chill. However, they also offer increased airflow, keeping workers comfortable no matter what the conditions are like outside.

The Right Gear Will Keep You Safe

FR clothing is essential in many industries. However, for wildland firefighters, it can mean the difference between safety and severe injury. The most common pieces of wildland FR firefighter equipment will give you peace of mind while operating in the field.

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