3 Reasons Chemical Plants Require FR Clothes

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3 Reasons Chemical Plants Require FR Clothes

Industrial manufacturers that work with large volumes of chemicals are essential for modern materials production. Working with and maintaining manufacturing equipment can harm an individual’s health and well-being.

In any industry, worker safety should be a priority. Here are some reasons chemical plants require FR clothes at all times.

Chemical Hazards

Direct contact with chemicals poses a distinct threat that workers must be equipped to handle. Spills, sprays, and vapor can result in dangerous chemicals getting on the skin, in the eyes, or into the lungs. Exposure to some materials can lead to long-term health problems or even be fatal.

Fire-resistant clothing provides excellent protection against exposure to harmful chemicals. In addition to wearing gloves, masks, and respirators, workers should be equipped with quality FR clothing to ensure they operate safely while on the job.

Risk of Fire

Another potential hazard that workers in chemical plants must be aware of is the risk of fire. Many commonly used chemicals in industrial plants are combustible, meaning they could catch fire at any time. Knowing proper safety procedures and wearing fire-rated equipment will ensure they stay safe in such an event.

Clothes treated to handle high heat without catching fire provide essential safety features. FR coats, jackets, hoodies, pants, and gloves will ensure the skin isn’t directly exposed to the heat. If there’s a fire at a chemical manufacturing facility, workers will be prepared and protected as they get to safety.

Electrical Flash

While it may be rare, electrical shocks can occur at chemical plants. Loose or hanging wires, malfunctioning equipment, and high-voltage lines can all pose a potential risk to workers who aren’t wearing suitable clothing.

Most FR clothing has been rated to certify protection against electrocution and arc-flash. Safety goggles, leather shoes, and a hard hat are some of the essential equipment workers need for electrical hazards. Most workers want an arc rating of at least 4 to ensure they’re well protected.

Ensure Your FR Clothing Is Adequate for the Job

Not all FR clothing is made the same. Finding a certified retailer that understands the importance of worker safety will ensure you get the equipment you need to stay safe.

Chemical plants require FR clothing for many reasons. At the heart of any company’s policies and decision-making process should be worker safety.

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