3 Fire Hazards in Paper Plants

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As you can imagine, a fire in a paper plant can cause extreme damage to the facility and employees. Those working in the paper industry must understand the various fire hazards in order to keep everyone safe. We suggest three fire hazards in paper plants, so read on to learn more.


Many hazards are present in a paper plant. Most fire hazards in paper plants have something to do with electricity. For example, overheating cables or equipment can present a fire hazard. This is caused by overloading conductors. Another issue that presents a fire hazard is currents leaking due to damaged insulation. Flammable materials placed too close to electrical equipment can cause a fire hazard, as well. That’s why it’s so important items are properly stored.


Storage is very important in a paper plant. Items must always be properly stored to minimize risk. For example, fires can start due to the incorrect storage of flammable liquids. It’s important that the storage area is separate from the work area to avoid any accidents. Make sure emergency exits and sprinklers aren’t blocked, as well. In the case of a fire, the emergency exits must be open. Additionally, it’s essential that the sprinklers aren’t covered by stored items, so be sure to check for that. Baled paper is hard to extinguish. It’s important to minimize risk wherever possible.

Combustible Dust

Of the three fire hazards in paper plants, combustible dust is one of the most dangerous. That’s because combustible dust can cause an explosion. There are five factors that cause a dust explosion: oxidant, ignition, confinement, dispersion, and dust. The dust is suspended in the air and ignited, which causes an explosion. Dust explosions can be fatal. It’s essential that the paper plant is properly maintained to prevent any buildup of dust. To keep employees safe while on the job, sprinkler systems or dust collection systems must be used.

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