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Trevor Brazile

Event in which you compete: Tie-Down Roping, Team Roping, Steer Roping

Hometown: Decatur, TX

Number of years riding: I have been competing professionally for 20 years. Rodeo is in my family so I have been on a horse practically since I was born.

Favorite Ariat products: Obviously, the Dual Pro sole is a game-changer for me! I tied the NFR Tie-Down arena record in 2015, and the only change in my equipment was my Ariat Dual Pro boots. For apparel, I like the comfort and technology in all of the AriatTek shirts. My favorite Western shirts are the Wrinkle-Free tops, because they look as good at the end of the day as they do at the beginning.

Trevor's Picks

Career accomplishments to date:

  • 23 World Championship Titles including 13-time PRCA All-Around Cowboy World Championship Titles
  • 3 Tie-Down World Championship Titles
  • 1 Team Roping World Championship Title
  • 6 Steer Roping World Championship Titles


Trevor Brazile, 23-time World Champion Cowboy, has competed professionally for 20 years. He competes in the Tie-Down Roping, Team Roping, and Steer Roping. Originally from Amarillo, Texas Brazile now lives in Decatur, Texas with his wife Shada and their three kids. Brazile is considered the face of rodeo. He is considered the most decorated cowboy in rodeo history and has won more money than any other cowboy in the sport of rodeo. He is the first cowboy to cross the $3 million threshold in career earnings. When asked what he loves most about his career he said, “There's better ways to make a living, but there's probably no better way to live.”

How you got started in your event: My dad competed in amateur and professional rodeos so I grew up in a rodeo arena. I competed in junior rodeos, high school rodeo, amateur rodeos and progressed to competing in professional rodeo as a career.

Proudest career moment: Winning the USTRC 15 Shootout at age 13

Tell us about your first time roping: One day when I was very young and my family was practicing in the arena, I decided I wanted to try roping a calf. I have been hooked on the sport of rodeo since that day.

You ride because: I ride because it is a challenge. In Tie-Down Roping it’s all on you as an individual. I love it when it all falls into place. There are so many variables and to have a run where you don’t look back and think you could have done anything different. From the stands a run looks pretty simple, but it is very rare that when I uncinch my horse after a run that I wish I hadn’t done something different. So when you complete a run where you wouldn’t do anything different that is exciting and successful. Team roping is exciting when you rope with someone long enough that you become like a quarterback and receiver. You are on the same page and they can just read what is going on. We get a lot of confidence in knowing each other’s styles and knowing how your partner is going to react to any situation. It’s a true partnership, it’s not just someone roping the head and someone the heels to stop the clock.

If you weren’t a professional roper, you would be a: I would be training or showing horses for a living.

Favorite mentor or idol growing up: I’ve had a lot of people that I’ve looked up to in the sport. Ty Murray for what he accomplished in the All Around category. Joe Beaver because he did the same events I do. Roy Cooper took me with him and let me rodeo with him. He let me see how a champion did it. He taught me how much a role of confidence and believing in yourself plays in winning. He taught me how to win.

Favorite way to unwind outside the barn: Right now it is playing sports with my kids and watching them learn new things. Stella is playing soccer and Treston is playing baseball and I love getting to rope with him. Just watching them growing up is fun.

Good luck charm: My family!

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