How To Protect Workers From Flash Fires

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Flash fires are extremely dangerous. They’re short, but they can cause injury or death. A flash fire is when either dust or gas is ignited in the air. They usually don’t last longer than five seconds. It’s important that employers protect their employees from flash fires to avoid serious consequences. We put together a guide that explains how to protect workers from flash fires, so read on to learn more.

Proper Training

If you’re wondering how to protect workers from flash fires, training is a great place to start. Many accidents within the workplace are caused by human error. Train employees on how to properly work the machines they use daily. It’s also helpful to have manuals around if anyone needs to look something up. You should also make it a priority to explain what to do if there’s a flash fire. Employees can protect themselves if they are properly trained, so this is very important.

Regular Maintenance

Another way to protect workers from flash fires is to ensure that the facility is clean. Schedule regular maintenance to decrease the likelihood of a flash fire. It’s ideal to have someone clean the facility daily. For example, at the end of each day, workers should clean the machines. It’s also important to clean the floors and places that are hard to reach, such as behind the equipment. It’s smart to begin each day with maintenance to ensure the facility is clean before the equipment is in use.

FR Clothing

The best way to protect workers from flash fires is to wear FR clothing. Fire retardant clothing protects employees from hard associated with workplace hazards. It’s important that all the clothing an employee wears is fire retardant. Failure to wear FR clothing may result in serious injury or death.

At FR Outlet, we offer fire retardant coveralls and many other protective clothing options. Our products are NFPA 70E & 2112 compliant and HRC 2 arc-rated. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

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