5 Tips for Selecting FR Outerwear for the Winter

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5 Tips for Selecting FR Outerwear for the Winter

Does your job require you to wear flame-resistant (FR) gear and work outside? Finding the ideal FR outerwear can be challenging in the winter, but our tips below will help you select FR clothing that’s protective, comfortable, and, most importantly, warm!

Check the Compliance

The first thing you should check when considering new FR outerwear is its compliance with standards and regulations. Ensure any garments you’re considering are compliant, whether your workplace and FR fabrics follow the NFPA 2112 standard, the NFPA 70E standard, or something else.

The FR garments should have a label that identifies the fabrics as compliant with certain standards and have an ARC protection rating for electrical workers. If you can’t find a label or aren’t sure, ask the seller or manufacturer—even in winter, safety comes first!

Look for a Temperature Rating

Along with an ARC rating and compliance label, the FR outerwear should come with a temperature rating that gives a range of temperatures in which you can wear the garments. Not all garments have this rating, but many winter outerwear FR clothing does to help workers understand what fabrics are warmer than others.

While you want to stay warm while working in the winter, you don’t want to wear too much outerwear that will cause your body to sweat and lose more heat. Many headwear pieces, like an FR facemask, will include a temperature rating.

Make Sure It Doesn’t Hamper Your Maneuverability

While fire protection and warmth are crucial for FR garments, the comfort and maneuverability of the materials are also imperative for safety. One of the most common reasons workers are non-compliant with FR wear is that it’s too uncomfortable, and they feel they must shed layers to work.

Nobody wants FR gear to slow them down and be a burden. When selecting FR outerwear for winter, you should strive for a balance of comfort, protection, and warmth.

Pro Tip: Most sellers and manufacturers have generous return policies, so take the FR gear for a test run at work before committing long-term.

Layer Your FR Fabrics & Outerwear

People who regularly wear FR gear at work are familiar with layering FR garments for added protection. Layers are also useful for staying comfortable and warm at work with outerwear.

With multiple layers of FR garments, you can adjust insulation and clothing depending on the conditions, temperature, and comfort. Remember, you don’t want to be overdressed and break into a sweat—if you’re feeling warm outside, shed a layer or two before you sweat.

Utilize Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

While adding FR layers, it’s wise to utilize moisture-wicking fabric as the base layer. Even while outside in the cold, our bodies can sweat—which is a problem because it can instantly lead to greater heat loss for the body, chilling, or hypothermia.

Moisture-wicking fabric help to keep your skin dry even if you sweat underneath all your outerwear.

We hope our tips help you choose comfortable and warm FR outerwear! At FR Outlet, you’ll find all the FR outerwear you need, from heavy-duty jackets to hats, gloves, and more.

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