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When you're in the market for work shirts that you can wear day after day, Workrite work shirts should be one of your first choices. Workrite is a premium provider of top-quality, comfortable work clothing, and their line of shirts is no exception. Available with a light cotton construction, Workrite work shirts help keep you nice and cool when you're on the job. They are also fire-resistant, allowing you to stay safe in whatever conditions you might find yourself in during the traditional workday. Along with being safe and comfortable, these shirts come in nice, neutral colors that are sure to match any other workwear that you might have in your wardrobe, and they are designed to fit just right. Plus, a touch of stretch makes moving around so much easier, and you can choose from regular or long lengths, a feature that you don't often find in high-quality work shirts like these.

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Workrite 7 oz. FR Nomex MHP Red Dress Shirt

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