Workrite FR Pants

Workrite Pants are dependably designed FR safety pants that are built to last a long time and provide the ultimate in FR protection. These pants are perfect for safety, durability, and toughness with an HRC 2 rating to provide excellent protection for electrical arcs and flash hazards. With Ultrasoft fire resistant technology fabric and strongly built deep pockets, Workrite pants assure the ultimate in safety and comfortable functionality. Workrite FR pants are spacious enough to allow free movement while working in dangerous conditions and are built with all solid materials for great protection. Workrite are the expert in FR clothing and safety, ensuring all their garments are built to the maximum specification required. We currently offer the Workrite FR pants in 2 styles and many sizes to suit your comfort or safety needs. FROutlet provides the safety and durability you need in solid work pants.

Workrite 6.1 OZ. GlenGuard Ripstop Tactical Pants

Workrite 6.1 OZ. GlenGuard Ripstop Tactical Pants

Price: $125.15
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    Workrite 9.5 Ounce Ultrasoft Flame Retardant Navy Work Pant

    Workrite 9.5 Ounce Ultrasoft Flame Resistant Navy Work Pant

    Price: $46.40
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    Workrite FR Item #: 431UT95NB -

      Workrite Uniform Inc. continuously provides some of the most dependable, longest lasting, and safeguarded FR Clothing in the industry. Its 431UT95 Fire Resistant Ultrasoft pants maintain an ARC Rating of 12.4 and give excellent protection against workplace hazards such as arc flames or blasts. FR Pants are ideal and required in most petrochemical, electrical, and utility fields. Even down to the brass zipper, which holds up better than many of the competitions pants Workrite hangs its hat on...