Rasco FR Jeans

Rasco Jeans are comfortably designed FR denim jeans that are built tough to last. Perfect for comfort, durability, and toughness, Rasco Jeans are designed with an HRC 2 rating to provide excellent protection for electrical arcs and flash hazards. With a tough, relaxed boot cut fit and pre-washed FR denim, Rasco jeans are sure to feel great and provide great protection. Rasco FR denim jeans are designed with tough rear pockets and hefty stitches that will withstand tough work conditions and handle anything you throw at them. Rasco FR is the leader of safety, their goal being to have a safe, comfortable and stylish design while keeping their products affordable. We currently offer the Rasco designed denim jeans in 2 styles and many sizes variations. If you're looking for environmentally durable FT resistant jeans, FROutlet offers affordable jeans to suit your FR workplace needs.

Rasco Flame Retardant 11.5 oz Denim Jeans

Rasco Flame Resistant 11.5 oz Denim Jeans

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    Rasco FR Jeans are manufactured with integrity and a large emphasis of style, comfort, and affordability. These are among some of the most popular Fire Retardant Jeans in the industry. This pair of FR Denim Blue Jeans have two front extra deep pockets to ensure adequate room for safety supplies, personal items, or anything that a petrochemical worker might need. The casual fit allows wears to be agile in their jeans and freely move without being hampered by the FR Apparel that they are...

    Rasco Fire Resistant 14 oz Denim Jeans

    Rasco Flame Resistant 14 oz Denim Jeans

    Price: $48.00
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      Rasco Flame Retardant Jeans are constructed with pride and a strong attention is placed on the design, appearance, pattern, safety attributes, and fit of the jeans. These aforementioned qualities are testaments to why Rasco FR supplies quality FR Jeans, pants, henley’s, coveralls, outerwear, and work shirts. The design of the jean gives the wearer a cozy fit and enables him or her to be resilient while engaging in daily tasks in or outside of the yard, plant, or office. Employees and...