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    • Rasco FR Shirt GRF460
    • 7.1 Ounce Knit Protective Clothing
    • 100% Flame Resistant Cotton
    • Long Sleeve Green FR Shirt
    • Left Chest Pocket With 3 Button Front
    • HRC 2: Arc-rated FR Garments with a Mandatory Minimum ATPV of 8 cal/cm2
    • Sizes Small to 5XL
    • Unmatched Comfort and Breathability
    • Stylish and Functional Work Wear

    This Rasco FR Green Henley T-Shirt is a top of the line work garment. This Rasco Flame Retardant shirt is breathable in the summer and keeps you warmer in the winter. Make sure your fire retardant clothes aren't too snug to allow a gap to come in between you and the apparel in case of an arc-flash, arc-blast, or workplace hazard. If desired, this Rasco Flame Resistant Hunter Green t shirt can be layered with other protective clothing to achieve maximum protection. Fire Retardant Rasco Shirts maintain top safety standards, come at an affordable price, and provide maximum comfort for any petrochemical worker who needs safety apparel.

    The collarless pullover design is a casual style and provides unmatched comfort for this safety t shirt. A Henley is best described as a placket below a semi-circled neckline while having a small amount of buttons as illustrated in the product image. The Henley name is derived from rowers of an English town Henley-on-Thames.

    This Henley is NFPA 70E (the benchmark for Electrical Safety in the Workplace) certified. In addition, this garment cooperates with the ASTM F1506 Flame Resistant clothing test that applies to electrical workers whom may be exposed to arc flashes as well as radiant heat. This FR t-shirt rated as Hazard Risk Category 2 (HRC2). This Green Rasco shirt adheres to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 2112) standard that safeguards users from flash fires as well as injuries and accidents by meeting requirements set forth by this Association. This Flame-Resistant shirt may be laundered in an industrial wash or washed at your home.

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