Bulwark Flame Resistant Navy Work Pant

Bulwark Flame Resistant Navy Work Pant

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    Bulwark provides an excellent flame resistant, Arc Rated (AR), and Flash Fire Rated (FFR) clothing for industrial workers worldwide. Fire Retardant Clothes are worn to help prevent ignition in a flash hazard. Protective Clothing are required to endure a Vertical Flame Test before they are available for purchase by the public. The test measures the response of flame retardant garments to heat and flames while the clothing is in a secure area. These 9 Ounce FR Pants have two frontal pockets that...

    FR Pants

    Our hard working FR Pants feature 100% FR Cotton, Carpenter, Ultrasoft Blends, and Ripstop features. FROutlet’s pants feature Dupont’s Nomex thread used in order to hold your FR Clothing together when a flash, arc, or heat is present. Bulwark, Workrite, and Wrangler offer reliable, durable, and affordable products that keep you protected in refineries, drilling rigs, combustible dust facilities, and other lines of work that require PPE Clothing.

    These Flame-Resistant work pants exceed minimum expectations of HRC 2 Clothing (Arc Rating 8 cal/cm^2) as the lowest rated FR Pant boasts a 10.6 cal/cm^2 which is greater than 20% above the minimum Arc Rating of Hazard Risk Category 2 garments. Our quality and well finely constructed flame-retardant pants will shield your body from hazards and you will look presentable in the workforce. Feel free to order this reliable and lifesaving FRC Clothing today!