FR Workrite Sweatshirts

When you need to keep warm but are working around fire or flammable materials, you need fire-resistant outerwear to keep you both warm and safe- you need Workrite Sweatshirts. The Workrite Sweatshirt offers classic, casual hoodie look with unparalleled fire protection. These sweatshirts are designed to protect the wearer in the event of a flash fire, arc flash, splatter of molten metal, and other hazards inherent in working near flame or high heat. This sweatshirt offers a zippered front for easy and convenient on and off, and it features two deep front pockets for easy storage of belongings. A drawstring in the hood allows for a customized fit, and with the sweatshirt weighing in at slightly over 14 ounces, it won't add significant weight. It is made from Reliant flame-resistant fabric, a high-tech knit that resists flame on its own. The fabric is designed to cause flames to smolder on contact, and the flame-resistant quality is not reduced with repeated wear or washing.