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If you work around high heat or fire hazards in cold weather, you're no stranger to the problem of finding warm outerwear that is flame resistant but Workrite accessories can help. In particular, you may find yourself in need of warm but safe headgear. The Nomex IIIA insulated hood is designed as a hood to wear over a hard hat to add extra warmth in colder weather. For added convenience, it can snap onto the collar of most work jackets. It has a drawstring closure for a tight, custom fit. Both the six ounce outer shell and nine ounce batt insulation are made from Nomax, which is an aramid fabric that is inherently flame-resistant. It is designed to protect you from flash fires and other high-heat situation. Because it is the fabric from which many firefighter uniforms are made, it is a reliable and dependable fabric to keep you safe from flame and similar hazards throughout the workday.v
Workrite 6 OZ. Nomex IIIA Insulated Hood

Workrite 6 OZ. Nomex IIIA Insulated Hood

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