Top 3 Best Fire Resistant Shirts in 2017

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If you work with electricity, natural gas, or oil and gasoline products, chances are you are required to wear flame resistant (FR) clothing. Other industries where you are handling explosives or working with fire are also likely to require FR garments as part of the uniform.

Some companies provide OSHA-approved FR clothing for employees who are required to wear it. More often than not, though, you are responsible for buying your own. Unfortunately, clothing that meets industry standards is not readily available at your nearest shopping center. FROutlet makes it easy for you to outfit yourself for your job.

All three shirts listed here can be safely washed at home; this is a definite advantage over some FR clothing that has to be sent to an industrial laundry facility out to be washed! By buying them yourself and taking care of them at home, you always have a clean shirt to wear to work.

Top 3 Best Fire Resistant Shirts

1. Workrite 7 Ounce Ultrasoft FR Work Shirt

This long-sleeved button down shirt is made of a lightweight cotton and nylon blend. It has two pockets with buttons, so anything you place in them stays secure. It is thin enough to be worn over a shirt in cooler weather but it also sturdy enough to be worn on its own.

This shirt comes in four different colors and also has sizes ranging from small to 3X. Additionally, there are long sizes so no matter your height, you will find a shirt that fits perfectly. This shirt gets consistently high reviews from customers which reflect the high quality of the garment.

Additional Features:

  • HRC 2 Rating
  • ARC Rating 8.2
  • 2 Layers FR Fabric
2. Rasco Fire Resistant Gray Henley T-Shirt

With the look and feel of an ordinary Henley t-shirt, this gray FR shirt will be a valuable addition to your work wardrobe. It is loose enough to wear alone but snug enough to layer under your other FR shirts.

The fabric is 100% cotton, so it feels soft against your skin and also breathes to offer you a comfortable fit. The collarless style and left front pocket make this the perfect shirt to wear both on and off the work site. Sizes run from small to 5X.

The Hazard Risk Category 2 rating on this shirts means you are protected both from radiant heat and arcs. If you work around electricity or are in a profession where flash fires are possible, this shirt is a must have.

Additional Features:
  • HRC 2
  • ATPV of 8 cal/cm2
  • 7.1 Ounce weight
3. Rasco FR Khaki Lightweight Work Shirt

Designed for those who require a heavy-duty work shirt, this khaki shirt is fabricated from 100% cotton. It has also been treated with a fire retardant to keep you safe. There are two snap pockets, and the sleeves include an extra vent to help you stay cool. The button-up cuffs allow you room for layering or you can also wear the shirt on its own.

Sizing on this modern shirt run from small to 5x. These sizes also include longer sizing so you are covered and comfortable no matter your physique.

The Hazard Risk rating on this shirt is for Category 2; this means not only are you protected from both arc and flash hazards but have some protection against radiant heat and flames.

Additional Features:
  • HRC Rating 2
  • Extended Sizes
  • Western Style
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